Summer Season 2015 Preview

Summer Preview 2015

Here we are again, a new season is upon us and you have no idea what to watch! Here are most (hopefully all) of the series that will air in Summer, minus sequels that should have the existing audience. Enjoy!

Top Picks

Snow White

Snow White with the Red Hair

With some big Manga hype in the hands a solid director who can handle action and slice of life, this series is looking good.

Directed by Mashiro Ando

Directed some really great series like Canaan, Hanasaku Iroha, Blast of Tempest. Ando has delivered some truly amazing work. being a Key Artist for Ghost in the Shell, Jin-Roh, and Metropolis. He worked as a main episode director and storyboard for series like Full Metal Alchemist, Wolf’s Rain, and Medarot.

He also directed the fantastic film Sword of the Stranger.


Ushio and Tora

MAPAA studio continues to impress in art and style. Great, if flawed, series that really capture the shounen spirit. 

Directed by Satoshi Nishimura

Nishimura has a pretty solid resume directing Hajime no Ippo and Trigun, some top notch series. I think he can bring on some extra skill to add to MAPAA’s line up of stylized series like GARO, Bahamut, and Terror in Tokyo.


Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Likely an entertaining and suprising series. The director of Spice & Wolf will always win me over.

Directed by Takeo Takahashi

Takahashi has directed quite a few solid series, stand out among them is Love Love?, Maoyou Maou Yuusha, and both seasons of Spice & Wolf. The manga is from the same writer as Armed Librarians, which featured some unique powers and storylines.



This could get deep, and action packed, so look out for what might be the mess, or best, of the season.

Directed by Shukou Murase

Murase has made some interesting, if flawed, series like Witch Hunter Robin and the more famous Ergo Proxy. He knows how to play a tone, and handle a gun fight, so this should be a ton of fun.


Prison School

Manga has some hype, looks interesting. Big hype for a director who rarely does me wrong.

Directed by Tsutomo Mizushima

Mizushima is a swiss army knife. He brought the A game for Another, Blood C, and xxxHolic. Then knocked out some solid series in Witch Craft Works, Girls und Panzer, and to a lesser extent Plastic Nee-san. He also directed two of the best slice of life shows in recent memory, the fantastic Genshiken and Shirobako.

The Entertainment


Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace

This could be interesting, but likely will fall the way of other works like Danganronpa in disapointment.

Directed by Seiji Kishi

Kishi is an experienced director, but is hit or miss on story choices. Angel Beats, Carnival Phantasm, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, and YuYuYu are all good series. But on the flip side sits Assassination Classroom, Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova, Danganronpa, and Hamatora. Ranpo Kitan is looking to fit into the later catagory, but I’ve been suprised before.


Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX: Believe in Justice and hold a determination to Fist!

Ohhhhh baby! See my weekly watch thread, where we’ve been enjoying the previous 2 seasons in preparation. The GLORY, the HORROR, the SINGING! Get hype.

Directed by Katsumi Ono

Ono directed Beast Saga, Hataraki Man, Yugioh Arc-V and 5D’s, as well as the second season of Symphogear.


Red Dragon War

This is really happening right? I’m not having some kind of seizure?

Gen Urobochi (Fate/Zero), Kinoko Nasu (Kara no Kyoukai), Iduki Kougyoku (Mimizuku to Yoru no Ou), Ryohgo Narita (Durarara!!), and Simadoriru (member of the Stripe Pattern doujin circle); played a tabletop role-playing game sessions over six days and created material for a seven-volume light novel series.

Directed by Matsanu Matsune

Only credit is Assistant Director on the breif OVA series, Alice in Boarderland. Shou Aikawa brings some interesting Script credits, but working with role playing maniacs might be difficult.


Gate: Thus the JSDF

Directed by Takahiko Kyogoku

Kyogoku has made a living off the Idol series like Wonderful Rush and Love Live!, so this is a pretty big change of pace. Interested to see how he transitions.


My Two-Faced Little Sister

The searmay show of the season. Cute girls, talking animals, little girl to the extreme!

Directed by Masahiko Oota

Oota has directed the sweet tooth series Love Lab, Minami-ke, Sabagebu, and Yuri Yuri Looking like another series of pure moe greatness.

The Rest

God Eater – Director Takayuki Hirao

The director of Gyo and the amazing Garden of Sinners 5, makes this look promising.

Charlotte – First time director Yoshiyuki Asai.

Asai worked on Captain Earth and Fairy Tale, doing storyboard and episode direction. The manga is from Key, famous for series like Air, Clannad, Little Busters, Kanon, and Angel Beats.

Castle Town Dandelion – Director Noriaki Akitaya

The director of the great Bakuman series.

Classroom Crises – Director Kenji Nagasaki

Nagasaki directed Gundam Build Fighters and No.6. He also worked as episode director for Monster and Gundam 00.

Aoharu X Machine Gun – First time director Hideaki Nakano.

Nakano is a long time ‘One Off’ episode director doing OP, ED, 2 episode arcs, and 3 episodes out of 50, nothing of substance yet.

The Instructor of Aerial Combat Wizard Candidates – Director Takayuki Inagaki

Directed quite a few series, namely Muv Luv Alternate, NouCome, and Rosario + Vampire.

A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist – Director Youhei Sezuki

Sezuki has directed The Hentai Prince, and directed mutliple episodes of Nodame Cantabile.

Everyday Life with Monster Girls – Director Tatsuya Yoshihara

Previous credits are Yoru no Yatterman.

The End


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